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Tofflon Injectables

Tofflon Injectables, as one of the main business divisions of Tofflon Pharma, are dedicated to technology development and business areas in the sterile injectables sector. Our production range includes auto solution preparation systems, aseptic filling line for ampoule, vial, syringe and powder, freeze dryer and auto loading systems, barrier systems and plastic packaging machines (BFS and Infusion systems).  

Tofflon Injectables has the following divisions:

  • Tofflon Injectables Laboratory
  • Tofflon Systems Integration Division
  • Tofflon-Top (JV with Japan Top System): Auto Solution Preparation Systems
  • Tofflon-Airex (JV with Japan Airex): Barrier Systems
  • Tofflon Freeze Dryer and Auto Loading Systems
  • Shanghai Kyowac (JV with Japan Kyowac): Freeze Dryer
  • Tofflon Aseptic Filling Line
  • Tofflon Plastic Packaging (BFS and Infusion Systems)
  • Tofflon Injectables study advanced drug manufacture science and process equipment manufacture science to provide integrated systems and equipments predominantly for the aseptic processing and primary packaging market. Meanwhile Tofflon Injectables Laboratory is building Process Engineer Capability to support customers process scale-up and process optimization and qualification in injectables drug development from lab research stage to commercial production stage. 
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